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It costs nothing to join to our profitable affiliate program and earn up to 70% !

Join to our pharmacy affiliate program

Our Reputable Online Pharmacy that aspires to satisfy customers and provide lowest price for high-quality prescription drugs.

Wide range of our Generic Drugs gives the green light to affiliates to make big profit and attract new customers and regular customers as well.

Here is why you need to join the our Affiliate Program today!

Customer and Affiliate Unification

As soon as a customer place an order at our web site she/he provides personal information, of course personal information of our customers is kept of 100% confidential. Synchronically affiliate systems ally the customers with the referring affiliates. We will provide you a unique affiliate ID and each time the customer place a new order or reorder any drugs you earn money. The more orders you lead to our web site the higher the commission rate.

Strong inducement

All our customers are automatically enrolled in our bonus program and start enjoying it with every order. The bonus is added with every new order the customer place on our web site and this program attracts the customers to reorder generic drugs and of course this leads to highest paying.

No phone orders

Our web site does not take orders via phone because of the security reasons. We never call our customers and do not force them to place new orders. Privacy and security of our customers is the most important thing for our website.

Real-Time Statistics and Reporting

“Login” into your very own affiliate Control Panel 24 hours a day to view real-time reporting, detailed reports, activity of your affiliate account, your traffic , account balance and see how your banners are performing.

Twice-Monthly Payouts

Our affiliate program is an easy way for you to earn extra money affiliate program is the perfect way for you to make extra money.

We want to make our affiliates successful. And one way to help achieve that goal is to get you paid fast! To facilitate this, we pay our affiliates on a weekly basis. Just tell us what account you want to use, and we'll have the money automatically deposited into your account (PayPal, International wire or webmoney) each week. You will be paid 15 days after the close of the pay period. Due to the fees charged for wires, we will pay affiliates when they have a payout of $250 or more per pay period.

Payments Made By the 15th and Last Day of Every Month, Minimum payment limit is $250

Get paid for your hard work right now. Commission Checks are sent twice a month on the 1st and 16th with a $20 minimum. The House offer sales you generate from the 1st - 15th get paid on the 1st of the following month. The sales you generate from the 16th - 31st get paid on the 16th of the following month. Therefore, there is a two week accounting period before you receive your payout. Network offers have a 4 week accounting period.

Payouts twice a month by various payment methods, including wire transfers, Webmoney, Fethard, PayPal.

How do I register?

You pay nothing to participate in our program and you can stop anytime you like.

The signup process is simple, free, and easy to understand. You can even start earning today! Our signup process gathers all the information needed to activate your account. Once you’ve been approved, you can – money …